Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 1st - 7th

Lots of assembly!!

LUCY....Kailey's Brithday (wine tasting with the girls!)

Chip......a dear friend of our family passed away this week :(

Marcus loves his Kids Coffee with his Auntie

Sis's Bday!!! (P.S. I think you're still older than me!!)

Last July one of my suite mates from college, Sarah, got married and all of us girls traveled to Chicago for the wedding. We all try to get together every couple years (there's 10 or so of us). Sarah and Larry had a photo booth at their wedding and she mailed these to me - what a surprise to receive them in the mail last week! Thanks Sarah - love you!! xoxo

I started listening to this series - it didn't take me long to whip through it - it's amazing and I highly recommend it!!!! (I already got Jodi's small group to start it :)

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