Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 22 - Buffet

I have the best Sis and BIL ever! My sis gave me this new buffet for my dining room (okay I'll admit it's on an indefinite loan - someday she'll want it back but hmmmmm maybe I won't give it back). For a couple years I have really wanted a new piece for my dining room because I had an old little piece there that looked like Alice in Wonderland furniture especially with my tall ceilings and I REALLY needed the storage. I have put off buying something cuz it's not a "need" and I didn't want to buy just anything. Then one day I got a big Jesus sis showed me a pic of this and asked if I wanted it...I was so excited but then it was the task of how to get it from Newport Beach to SCV. Well my very sweet BIL drove it up to me on Sunday and turned right around and went back home (well not that quickly....I took him out for sushi lunch before he left - one of our fav things to do together since sis doesn't dig it). Thanks Rod - you're the best! Love you both!!! xoxo

And hey I didn't have to do a man chore - Yipppppeee! Ain't it a beauty!!

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  1. Wow, I love it, very cool piece! Gotta love those Brits man, true gentlemen I tell ya'...of course I'm a little biased ;-)