Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st - Look-a-likes

oh this picture makes me crack up - Jenny, Deb and Ronnie may be the only one who thinks it's as funny as I go but I'll give it a try....the guy in the middle is Paul, Paul is very very very funny, emphasis on the very, he LOVES starbucks like I do (he yells at me everyday...."Henry when are you getting Starbucks for us in this bldg"), he's our head of Publcity here at The CW and he "tends" to wear the same type of outfit every single day. It's his signature!

Meet the girls and the other Paul.....this is our entire Publicity dept so for April fools they all dressed up like him and got his signature starbucks and all walked in his office single file this morning. It was hilarious and then I hear Paul yell my name to take a picture. And when I say yell it's not in the boss-y jerk way it's in the very comical hilarious way.....especially when he gets on the bull horn to tell a joke so NBC can hear it!

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